Celebrating the New Year!

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It's almost time to put on the party hats, pour the bubbly, and celebrate the turn of the year. Here are a few ways aging adults can join in on the fun!

Don't want to stay up until midnight? Hold a mock countdown at any time of the evening! Get your family and friends together, and celebrate the new year at whatever time is best for you.

If you can't throw or go to a party, go out to dinner. Take your friends or family, and celebrate the event with a night at a restaurant.

Check with your church to see if they have a special New Year's Eve service. It's a way to get out, see some friends, and celebrate.

Throw a different kind of party. Why not a Resolution Party?! Have everyone write down the things they want to change for next year, and celebrate the upcoming year!

So pour your sparkling juice, or invite family over for dinner. Whatever you choose to do, you can celebrate the new year with fun!
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