Happy Thanksgiving!

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It’s the season of Thanksgiving… which could mean family stress, a lot of food, and the start of Christmas shopping! But before those distractions creep in, we wanted to wish you a heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving, and remind you we’re here for you.

During this Thanksgiving holiday, when you’re with so much family, you might want to look around. Do your parents or grandparents need help with retirement, or downsizing? How is their home holding up, and more importantly, how’s their health?

If the answer is that they need extra help, it could be a difficult conversation. But it’s necessary to have, to help them live a safe and happy life. And we can help. We can help with that downsizing and relocation. And we can help minimize the stress on your whole family during the process.

But for now, enjoy the holidays and all the traditions that come with it. Have an extra piece of pie, and remember that this is the time for families and togetherness. And know that we’re thankful for you!

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